Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Authoritarian Parenting Conclusion

When I started this debate, I really had no idea of the effects of being a controlling parent. It is important to recognize the physiological and physical consequences of helicoptering, especially due to the massive amounts of parents who do it. It is hindering! Neither extremes are good, but our society has a lot more fully authoritarian than fully permissive parents. All parents want the best for their kids, and it is their natural instinct to attempt to control all things. That is why it is crucial to self reflect. A parent should recognize when they are actually depriving their child of creative opportunity's, and then take a step back. They get so caught up in their desperate attempts to make their child successful, that they don't allow much of anything unless it's school related. How would a kid find his potentially life-changing passion with a life like this? How can we creatively progress as a society when so many parents are attempting to repeat their childhood through their kid? The answer is we can't! And, as for risk, it is a part of life! A parent who covers their kid from all risky/morally-challenging situations only puts the child at a massive disadvantage. Post-highschool, the  parent's kid is now out in the world with no basic understanding to real life consequences, social expectations, etc. When worded like this, most people would agree that a kid who understands both of those aspects would have a greater chance at success. This is evidence is what I was looking for once I took my side on the debate. This is why spontaneousness, freedom and creativity should be supported, not prevented; and this is why a perfect, nurturing balance of structure and privileges is the best way to raise a kid.

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  1. You make a strong point with all of your research. In my experience helicopter parenting is super annoying and at times frustrating. The child usually cannot talk to their parents as friends if they are very judgmental and stubborn. That could be very disheartening for a teen growing into an adult. They definitely need someone to confide in about their problems, and sometimes teen friends aren’t the best mentors since they do not know the right answer either. Parents are very important to kids, because at one point in time for everyone they were like super heroes, picking us up after falling off our bikes. There are many experiences a growing person needs an adult to lean on, and that would take all of superman’s strength.