Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Final Showdown: Strict Vs. Permissive.

On Dr Drew's show, Dr. Drew, he did an interesting six minute segment interviewing Deborah and Dino Piscione, parents who believe in authoritarian raising of her three kids. Drew then gets a debate going by having Pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, who is against strict parenting, offer a rebuttal. "To everything is a season," he says, meaning that there is a time for everything to come and go, and too much of one thing is never good. The Pisciones are all about structure, and have a very extensive schedule for all of their kids. Karp says that they need time to relax and chill, because the mind always needs time to be creative and have no boundaries. The Pisciones then counteract this, exclaiming that they do allow time for their kids to relax. The segment ends with Lisa Ling, host of "Our America With Lisa Ling," offering some concluding thoughts. There is nothing concrete when it comes to how to parent, and pretty much the only thing that all parents (hopefully) have in common is they want the best for their kids. There is a difference between reasonable boundaries and excessive helicoptering; and there is a difference between supporting a child's spontaneousness and letting the child be in charge.
"Strict Parenting Controversy." YouTube. YouTube, 03 Dec. 2012. Web. 7 Apr. 2014.

This to me is the perfect article. It had a great balance of everything! The Pisciones came off a little extreme at first, but quickly got rid of that title when they discussed how important their child's creativity is. The Pisciones expressed their need to balance free time in with the structure, which was very reasonable. All in all, these parents seem to be example A of modern day parenting. However, it would be nice to do a follow-up interview once the kids are older, to see how these parents adjusted. The biggest problem is when parents begin to prioritize academics more and more, smashing the child's creativity. But there are two sides to every story; and parents who offer no structure at all could cause a very unintelligent and non-progressing individual. This is why Linda and the Pisciones set a very good example for what this generation's parenting should be.

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  1. I agree this video of parenting is wonderful! It compared both sides of the parenting scale with over controlling and dismissive on opposite ends. Also mentioning how modern technology effects children today. We have so much easily accessible with a touch of a button and most children do not know how to entertain themselves without a computer anymore. The days where kids would play baseball on the street or ride their bikes around town is a very unusual sight to see now. I love how her kids’ day includes structure and free time, which is very important. When those kids grow up and have children of their own they might parent the same way giving the society a strong foundation.